The distinctive feature of Rostov-on-Don is the location of city center. It is not surrounded by dormitory town, but it is situated in the southern part of the city.

With relation to urban development the tendency of centralization prevails: all business and entertainment activities are concentrated in the city center. The points of attraction in dormitory town are practically absent. As consequence, the considerable part of citizens works and spends their leisure-time in the city center.

In view of this configuration of the city, the location of the Shopping and Entertainment center is convenient, because almost the whole city center is situated within 5 minutes driving distance. For example, the building of Rostov Government is located in 1900 m from the commercial complex.

Traditionally, the Left bank is a customary recreation area, one of the longest in Europe (20 km).

The commercial center is situated on a new big road junction connecting 2 main exit roads on Temernitskiy and Voroshilovskiy (under construction) bridges.